Saturday, 16 January 2016


Time, or lack thereof. 

This has been the story of India so far. 
Days have melted together, hours pass within the blink of an eye. But yet, I feel like its dragged by as well. I can't decide how im supposed to fit into the puzzle that is life here, if I'm supposed to at all. I question my every action, daily.

I feel like india isn't as hard to deal with as most people suggest, as long as you can adopt the "shanti shanti" vibe. And as long as you expect nothing to work the same way that most societies do. 

Time, like roadsigns, is a suggestion here.
Nothing really adheres to it, but in saying that,  don't plan on it not being a factor. For example, if the train timetable says the train you want will leave the station at 3pm, and the journey will last 6 hours then it is merely a suggestion. In reality, said train, could leave said station at 2pm, or 5pm, and the journey could last anywhere from 4 - 12 hours. 

It can drive some to shear frustration within days, some plan to stay in India for months and struggle to last weeks, and some plan to stay a month and years later, still find themselves drawn to the appeal of life here. 

Everyday is an eye opening experience, whether it's having breakfast in a cafe and having a cow waltz through the restaurant, or just crossing the street and praying to whatever one of their gods is watching you that you don't get clipped by a crazed man on a scooter. 

Anjuna (Goa)

Got off my 5am flight into Goa, and made a bee-line for the taxi stand where i got a cab from Goa Airport to my Hostel in Anjuna (1400 Ruppes / 45min-1hour drive depending on how much of a mad man your driver is). 
Stepped out of the cab and bam! Traffic going everywhere, honking cars and scooters, cows, goats and dogs all over the roads, piles of shit and rubish, delicious spice and cooking smells mixed in the air with the smell of exaust...  Welcome to India!

Checked into my hostel and had a rendezvous with 2 of my oldest and dearest friends. We then spent
 the morning walking around Anjuna, talking crap, reminiscing, being brought up to date with their adventures so far and taking in all the sights and sounds of what I'd just gotten myself into.
How amazing it is to share you initial jet lagged hours with two people that make your spirit completely at peace.

I spent the next few days wondering aimlessly throughout the town, discovering its history and imersing myself in the natural beauty that surrounds it. 
I discovered dusty old forts, and fishing villages. All of this while avoiding pot holes and hawkers. 

We spent New Years afternoon together, discovering waterfalls and some amazingly secluded waterholes, where we swam, and let our previous years worries and regrets leave our bodies and float away.


We also got completely lost and separated for the New Years countdown; where walking the streets at 4am, will always stay in my mind as the creepiest NewYears to date, but one hell of an experience no less.

Highlights: *The Portuguese influence of buildings (brigthly colored, tiled and open style of house / villas built in amongst the trees, also very present in and around old Goa). *The day I rented a scooter and had the freedom to truly discover around the Area and be at one with the sheer craziness that is Indian traffic. 

My experience of Anjuna felt relatively fast, but I feel like it was a lovely introduction to India, and an overdue catch up with my friends, and meeting some amazing spirits who made those few nights super enjoyable and those adventures through surrounding towns every bit hilarious.
The hardest moment was having to say goodbye and watching everyone go their separate ways, despite loving travelling alone, goodbyes are always the hardest, and so in turn, I said my fairwell to Anjuna… for now

Gokarna (Karnataka)

Decided that I'd had enough of the tourist crazy times of Anjuna and looking at heading to Hampi, I seen Gokarna wasn't too far away from either, so I packed my bags and made tracks to the train station via another crazy cab driver,  who despite trying to overtake everyone and cutting people off, didn't kill me or anyone else which was pleasant. 
Only recently falling ill to what was most likely food poisoning. I found the train ride to Gokarna less than pleasant, but still a fun experience meeting some guys from Israel and spending the remainder of the train ride playing harmonica and singing random songs. 

We arrived to Om beach to find that all the accommodation had been booked out for the night, so in true nomad style, we went with the flow and camped out on the beach under the stars. 

Met some really cool Indian guys on Kudle beach the next night who then proceeded to show me around Gokanra town and the best secret local places to eat. 
Hanging out with them really gave me a different perspective of how they live and love. What religion and family mean to them, and the difference in marriage compared to the east and west. 
Also, just the way they look at the world in such a different way. 

Likes:  *Lively beach with a cool hippie vibe, yoga and hammock times of a day and drum circles around bon fires of a night. *Good cheap food and pretty cheap acomodation both within a minute of the beachfront (eating 3 good meals and staying in a hut for around 1000 Ruppes / $21 AUD a day, have even had a few days of just over 600 Ruppes). *Surrounding beaches are even more superb and are a nice days hike / bush bash to get to. *Pollution on and around the beaches are pretty low.

Gokarna is super chill, although maybe a little too much like a resort kind of feel. Laying around in your hammock all day and reading is all you really need to do . 
Although when you decide that all this relaxation is enough, there are beautiful beaches and nature walks to be discovered. 

Paradise beach is one of those secret gems, a good hour walk from Kudle beach, where you weave your way through bush, past little beaches, and over rocks to find this near secluded beaches, where the only people there are  people who've set up a tent city, and goats…

I find my days here are numbered as I feel more adventure stirring in my body. The chill days of hanging in drum circles, juggling, and tightroping are coming to a close.
Gokarna has if anything, been a really good place to get my thoughts straight before traveling further.
I've found I've really just had the time to reconnect with my mind here. 

Travel, but India more so, makes you feel minuscule, like you're living in a massive ant farm. The constant rush of people, the colors, the lights and the sounds all become one big beautiful spiral in your head. 

Stay real peeps! 
My thoughts and love with you all.



  1. Brendo, what an adventure you have just taken me on. Thank you for updating this. I look forward to the next update. You fascinate me and you have an amazing way to captivate the reader(s). Thank you for adding me to your blog :D Ash

  2. Everyone wishing to go to India after this amazing narrative. Keep putting your spirit in your adventures. Enjoy this peaceful moment and keep going opened for the awesome things that life is bringing to you. More surprises coming around, Carinho. Excited for the next update.

  3. Loving the updates brother, such poetry and awe inspiring images, so happy for you looks like the adventure of a lifetime. Keep the spirit alive man, best of luck!